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Embedded Software

Vadion’s embedded software business unit provides design and development services for modern embedded software solutions....

Cloud and Web

Vadion develops web services to support the backend of an application or service. Our team has expertise working with the most popular technologies...

UI/UX design

Design is the suit your product wears when it meets a customer for the first time. Every product, whether it is sitting on a shelf or on display in a show room, has design to sell it...

Mobile Applications

The smartphone is the most frequently viewed screen today. When your customers look at their phones or tablets, they should find a little icon that opens a portal to...



Creating a branded on-demand video delivery solution. The world of entertainment and education has evolved with the development of the Video on Demand...


Building complex, scalable video delivery networks. The way the world consumes media is changing. Traditional media delivery channels are giving way to...


Connecting sensors to each other and to sophisticated systems. Technology is rapidly changing and it’s transforming how we interact with people and our environment...

Cloud Platforms

Content delivery built on top of Amazon Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, and your private cloud. Content consumption is on the rise and the content that rises to...



Ideas, big or small, change the world. At Vadion we help you realize your ideas. We’re the catalyst start-ups use to bring a thought, a sketch, or a solution to life. At Vadion we know what really makes a difference is a good idea and we aim to power the technology behind these transformative ideas. We work closely with start-ups that need to get a product off the ground, and into the market. Vadion is expertly equipped to help you build your product. We know that start-ups face the toughest odds when they set out to develop a product. The market is often saturated with similar products, funding is low...

Established Businesses

Technology can serve as a catalyst to business growth but adapting it comes with growing pains. Businesses that have functioned a certain way find it daunting to adapt technology that can help them grow and function smoothly. At Vadion, we help you convert your operations to an automated system. Essential activities like backing up and storing data are streamlined so that they are done regularly and reliably for you. Vadion helps you leverage your business using technology. If you’re a brick and mortar store retailer, we will help you build an online presence. We work with businesses to explore new sales and revenue generation...


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Vadion has been one of main contractors of Booxmedia several years from the early stages of the company until the company was acquired. Vadion played instrumental role in designing and implementing Web API for Booxmedia’s CloudTV Platform. Platform has been industry-proven by successful B2C service and various B2B deployments across the world. Vadion was demonstrating commitment, reliability, proactive attitude, and they were offering services in effective and professional manner over the busy times. I can recommend Vadion as a partner/contractor to work with.

Tomi Myllylä

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