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Ideas, big or small, change the world. At Vadion we help you realize your ideas. We’re the catalyst start-ups use to bring a thought, a sketch, or a solution to life. At Vadion we know what really makes a difference is a good idea and we aim to power the technology behind these transformative ideas. We work closely with start-ups that need to get a product off the ground, and into the market.

Vadion is expertly equipped to help you build your product. We know that start-ups face the toughest odds when they set out to develop a product. The market is often saturated with similar products, funding is low, and time is short.

At Vadion, we have people who know the market, the mechanics, and the methods needed to successfully launch your product.

How We Work

Exploring Ideas

We love a good brainstorming session. We take your idea and analyze it for its merits. We look at the solution you want to bring to the world and find the best possible method to implement it.

Examine Marketability

An idea needs an introduction and we make sure you aren’t investing in one that the market isn’t ready for. Our team has experts that research the market you’re looking to enter, be it retail, auto, tech, or anything else, and find your target audience. Our research builds the basis of what your product should be able to do and ensures the features we develop are the ones your target market needs.


We can build a functional prototype for you to present to investors, your company’s board, or your beta audience. Prototyping is done with the aim that suits to better explain the functionality and features of the product. The prototype demonstrates to you and your audience the main functionality of your idea and lets you demonstrate the basic function.

We ensure the design, while basic, captivates and engages your audience and makes for an excellent user experience.

Development & Design

This is our favorite part of working with a start-up because things get really exciting here. We look forward to interfacing and communicating with you regularly as your idea goes from a prototype to a product.

Our design and development teams proactively work with you to bring your idea to life. We ask not for the technical specifications but rather what you want your app to be able to do. The teams fill in the rest. We know what good design looks like and that it goes beyond material, modern, and flat. Our teams design a user experience that will engage your audience and grow retention and revenue for you.

Develop Product Strategy

A good idea isn’t very good if the world doesn’t know about it. We do just that for your product. While the design and development teams build your product, our business intelligence unit gets busy with the launch. It is up to us to promote your product, get initial feedback, and develop a road map for future development that will ensure your product’s continuity.