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Building complex, scalable video delivery networks

The way the world consumes media is changing. Traditional media delivery channels are giving way to over the top media delivery and Vadion is expertly positioned to develop your OTT app for this emerging market. We do more than just develop an app that can deliver video content over the internet; we build the network that will deliver it.

Multi-screen Support

OTT exists across a multitude of platforms and users want to switch between them seamlessly. Our OTT solutions work across multiple screens. Your audience has access to your content on their phones, smartTVs, and computers, all at the same time. Multi-screen support forms the basis of the subscription models you can offer to your viewers allowing them to work with both family and corporate plans.

Different Monetization Models

OTT is delivered and monetized through different subscription models. We can help build a subscription model or an ad-based model for your content with support to detect and combat ad-blockers.

Content Optimization For Slower Networks

One of the biggest challenges and obstacles for any OTT service comes from traditional cable and networking companies. For an OTT service to be able to compete, it needs to deliver a consistent viewing experience. On the one hand it relies on fast, unthrottled internet but at the same time, it requires optimized content. We build OTT apps that deliver a superior viewing experience on slow and fast networks alike.

Support For OTT Devices

OTT devices like the gaming consoles and the more popular Apple TV and Roku have been game changers for OTT content delivery. In addition to developing OTT smartphone and web apps, we can develop apps that are meant to work specifically with these devices allowing you to reach a larger audience and optimize content.