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Connecting sensors to each other and to sophisticated systems

Technology is rapidly changing and it’s transforming how we interact with people and our environment. Our world is data driven and we are able to collect information like never before. Ours is a world where the Internet of Things connects everything.

Vadion is no stranger to this emerging platform. We have special expertise working with connected devices and can help you develop the perfect framework for your devices. IoT is an ecosystem that comprises of an ever-increasing number of devices that connect with every tech device avilable today. To support it, there is always a new platform to develop on. For startups and businesses alike, the decision to select the correct operating system, determining its scalability, and ensuring compatibility with leading frameworks like Home Kit by Apple is a crucial one.

Vadion can work with a variety of IoT operating systems including Brillo, Contiki, Tiny OS, and Linux. We determine the software needs for your hardware. Your device can connect from machine-to-machine (M2M) or Machine to Consumer and we can build the bridge between both. Vadion can not only help your devices communicate but also help you make sense of the data collected.

Vadion And IoT

Vadion can bring your IoT projects to enterprises. We can;

Bring Your Devices To Life

We can connect your devices and sensors to the internet. An IoT device is an ordinary device until it can interface with other devices via the internet. We develop the backend your device will rely on to connect with the internet. We know the sensors, the network chips, and other technologies that bridge this gap and what works best for each one.

Understand What It Does

Your device needs to do more than just connect with other devices. It’s built for a purpose and we strive to understand it and build features that cater to that very need. We can provide a standard set of features that can be integrated quickly with a new device and work with you to explore more features that make your devices more powerful.

Data Intelligence

We can develop dashboards and apps that help you monitor and make sense of the information you collect. We can also build smarter data collection protocols right into the software of your device and make data collection smarter and more precise. With data collection, you can end up with too much to sort through or too little to work with. We can analyze and determine the critical data points for a device and ensure your device is duly capable of collecting it both on-site and remotely.

Connect You To Millions

Whether you are building devices for consumers or targeting large industries, your device must be capable of handling a large amount of data and interfacing with millions of endpoints. We provide cross-platform solutions that ensure your device is capable of integrating with the largest possible number of end points including third party systems.

Vadion can develop your IoT solutions for deployment to multiple sites where they will interface directly with the environment to collect data or for remote data collection and support. Our solutions guarantee fast deployment, a single platform that can work with a host of devices, and an intelligent analytical platform.