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UI/UX design

Design is the suit your product wears when it meets a customer for the first time. Every product, whether it is sitting on a shelf or on display in a show room, has design to sell it. Design is as important for apps as it is for anything else.

At Vadion, we boast a special understanding of Apple’s design philosophy. Behind the use of white space and the flat look, there exists a concept of better usability. We’re equally well-versed with Google’s Material design guidelines and how the Android platform is being transformed by it.

Whether you need an app designed for a popular mobile or desktop platform, or a web service, Vadion’s approach to design is a unique one based on usability and the user experience. Our approach centers around the following;

Developing The User Experience

Before a button, a tab, or input field is created, we tackle the bigger, more important question. How should the app work? Apps and services function through code running in the backend but how they work for a user is determined by its design.

We emphasis controls and UI elements that are easy to use and understand when they’re first experienced. We develop a flow, a logic, to your app. This allows us to have ample room for new features you want to add without drastically restricting or redesigning the app. The tabs, settings, and buttons are deliberately positioned where a user would need them to be.


A good UI experience is developed only after you see how it actually works. We use state of the art wire-framing technology that lets you see how screens transition and what functions UI elements perform. Our wireframing isn’t simply image based, it is function oriented.

Note: This refers to wireframing tools like ‘Marvel’

Color Theory

Color plays a subtle yet powerful role in design. It’s what invites users to explore your app, to revisit it again, and it’s what drives your brand home. Behind color schemes and themes, there is a complex philosophy of what users see when they look at a particular color.

We examine color theory in depth when approaching your product taking care to incorporate brand colors such that they invoke a deeply personal response in the user.