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Creating a branded on-demand video delivery solution

The world of entertainment and education has evolved with the development of the Video on Demand platform. The niche is occupied with subscription based models that are aimed at providing affordable entertainment to the world. At Vadion, we know Video on Demand is more than just an entertainment solution.

Video on Demand is a complex platform where, at the front end, users can access video content as and when they like. At the back end, there is so much more that is happening. At Vadion we understand that you need more than just a video publishing platform. We are familiar with both Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technologies.

Our Video on Demand solutions offer;

    • Channel And Branding Support

You can integrate your own channels or invite viewers and content providers to create their own channels for their content. Channels and video content alike can be branded.

    • Backend Transcoding

Video content delivery is only as good as the transcoding technology it is built on. At Vadion, we provide backend Transcoding for multiple video formats. Your audience and your content providers need only add a video. The backend takes care of the rest without pushing extra plug-ins or limiting them to certain formats.

    • Copyright Protection And DRM

Video content constitutes intellectual property and Vadion’s VOD solution ensures the content you make available is protected from infringement. It also prevents content providers from adding content to your platform that they do not own.

Through the use of various control techniques, restrictions are placed to prevent content from being stolen and from your platform from being used as a piracy tool by malicious content publishers.

    • Monetization Models

We can incorporate complex monetization models that you can offer to individual users or to large companies. We understand your business model and help you develop the right subscription based services and pay-per-view models for your content.

  • Support For Smart TVs & TV Sticks

Smart TVs like the Apple TV and Samsung’s range of internet enabled television sets have played a key role in transforming Video on Demand as we know it. Likewise, TV sticks like Roku and the Chromecast further support the platform as an affordable alternative to expensive internet enabled sets. Our VOD solutions can support these new emerging devices and platforms making it simple for you to push your content to any demographic.