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Cloud Platforms

The cloud has emerged as a diverse platform that can deliver products and services reliably, quickly, and securely to a large audience. At Vadion, we have the expertise to build and deploy apps and services on popular cloud platforms like Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Azure, as well as on your own private cloud service. We work with a variety of frameworks to give you quick, automated deployment for your products and apps over your preferred cloud service.

Scalable Products

We build your products so that they can take full advantage of a cloud infrastructure. Apps and services are deployed to be highly scalable so that a product you develop for small scale use can easily accommodate and serve your growing customer base.

End User & Enterprise User

Your product can be built for either the end user, the enterprise user, or both. We integrate single user needs and functionality as well as complex enterprise level features allowing you to generate revenue from multiple streams. We can help you set-up specialized enterprise level plans for larger organizations interested in your product while still serving individual and small scale users.

Complete Cloud Configuration

We set everything up and make sure your product is deployed successfully. At Vadion, we aren’t just looking to build a product; we want to be part of your success. For each product, we closely examine the infrastructure needed for it to function optimally and ensure everything is configured accordingly. This includes choosing the correct cloud platform to use and knowing the correct frameworks to develop in.

Diverse Connectivity

We can build your product to connect with multiple complex APIs, remote networks, sensors, and other connected devices, and allow it to gather data from sensors and geographically dispersed users, all seamlessly executed. Your product can connect with diverse systems and deliver a uniform experience on both desktop, web, and mobile. Regardless the scope of the product, we can securely integrate it with any device that has an IP.

High Customizability

We ensure your product is highly customizable so that it can cater to more diverse customers while still delivering on its core functionality. We anticipate the features that best suit your product and ensure we build customization into it so that your customers with both basic and advanced needs can use it to its full potential.