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Established Businesses

Technology can serve as a catalyst to business growth but adapting it comes with growing pains. Businesses that have functioned a certain way find it daunting to adapt technology that can help them grow and function smoothly.

At Vadion, we help you convert your operations to an automated system. Essential activities like backing up and storing data are streamlined so that they are done regularly and reliably for you.

Vadion helps you leverage your business using technology. If you’re a brick and mortar store retailer, we will help you build an online presence. We work with businesses to explore new sales and revenue generation ideas that the world of smartphone apps, powerful databases, and intelligent POS software can unlock.

As you transition to more intelligent systems, we ensure business continuity and a stable system is in place during the transition. We provide support for a fixed period once the transition is complete to make sure the new systems are working the way they are supposed to.

Finally, Vadion can tailor a business solution for your very specific needs. Often times common market place technology solutions are too complicated or restrictive to allow a diverse business to use it. In such a situation, a custom solution is best.

Vadion builds the core concepts of your business into the solutions it develops. We aren’t simply automating inventory, or helping you record sales. We understand businesses are built on, and function, with a core concept and the technology you work with needs to cater to that.

For companies that pride themselves on quick delivery, a system that lets you optimize and accurately predict delivery times is essential. At the same time, you need to be able to keep track of items that need to be delivered, and where they are right now. A simple inventory system just doesn’t do the trick. It takes a dedicated team that understands intelligent business to build the technology you need and Vadion has just the people for the job.